Yatogami Sanji
Kanji 夜刀神さんじ
Romaji Sanji Yatogami
Alias Gami (がみ, Gami)
Race Human
Age 18
Height 183 cm
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Orange
Blood Type B
Nationality American
Ashinaka High School
Class Class Insignia 5-B Class
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Seiyuu Mark Ayson


His hair length reaches his neck, in which he has a bang that goes across his right eye.Senji's hair is rather in an orange-toned color that is between dark and light. He has cool light blue eyes and usually wears his top two buttons down revealing a little of his chest. His way of clothing is usually loose and playful, giving him the flirty appearance. He has fawn tanned skin.


He is a flirtatious, adventurous and carefree person. He is a benevolent femenist of sorts, as he treats girls kindly. Sanji is known to be very famous among the ladies and never fails to charm them with his sweet talk.


Senji is the youngest son of the Yatogami family, because of a decision given to him by a relative, he was forced into Ashinaka High School to become an _______  and serve as the Yatogami family's tool for publicity. Sanji indeed went to the academy but during his stay he had no passion for music whatsoever. When he was still a child, Ren lost his mother due to an accident. He was only able to see his mother's face through recorded video tapes when she was still a baby.


  • He's secretly inlove with Miharu.