Flower Crowns make Everything Better.

–Aira Kotobuki

Mezzalira Aira
Mezzalira Aira
"Make Good Art."
Kanji メッざぃらあいら
Romaji Aira Mezzalira
Alias Lira (リラ, Lira)
Race Human
Age 16
Birthday July 17
Height 146 cm
Gender 42 kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Blood Type O
Nationality Australian
Ashinaka High School
Class Class Insignia 2-A Class
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Seiyuu Aira J.


Dark and mysterious, but when around friends will have the most mentally disturbed/disturbing personality. But also intelligent and witty. Extreme supporter for LGBTQ lesbian gay bisexual trans queer rights and is easily angered.


Was born on the early dawn of the eighteenth of July. Although her mother is Australian and her father is Italian, they moved from place to place, approximately one flight every year until she was 12 she had settled in the quiet of Japan, and is now Studying at Ashinaka High School. She likes and plays three different kinds of instruments.


  • Addicted to fictional characters, TV shows and the internet.
  • Her Mothers nationality is Australian and her Father is Italian.
  • Part of the journalism club.
  • Has a hidden love for rap music.
  • Stays up until almost two in the morning most days just to stare at her computer screen like a mentally unstable person.