I Hate When... I'm trying to Sleep and my mind says... You know what's the Great Movie?...PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

–Min Hyuk Geum-Young.

Geum-Young Min Hyuk
Hell is empty and the Devils are here.
Kanji 錦江若い分ヒョク
Romaji Min Hyuk Geum-Young
Alias Min (ミン, Min)
Race Human
Age 16
Birthday April 19
Horoscope Aries
Height 175 cm
Gender Male
Eyes Hazel Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Blood Type O
Ashinaka High School
Class Class Insignia 3-B Class
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Weapons Sword
Seiyuu Krislem Rico


Min Hyuk has short, black-brown hair, with a flyaway curl on the right side of his head. The curl is often drawn with a face in the middle, to represent his "Korean spirit" though it appears that it was originally drawn as part of the yin yang symbol. He generally has on a high-spirited facial expression. He dresses in a white and navy blue hanbok with long, oversized sleeves, though it appears to be a mixture of the male and female styles of hanbok as well as hanbok from different eras of Korea, and his jeogori seems to be in two pieces rather than one.


Min Hyuk is a free-spirited type, obsessed with video games, dramas, studying abroad, and the internet. He always claims credit for others' inventions.




Sword: Min Hyuk carries a katana with him at all times. It has a black tsuka ito weave with an ornate silver same under the cord, and a bronze kashira. It has a black tsuba with a normal steel blade; the scabbard is dark blue and has a bronze tip.


  • He Liked eating Sweet Candies.
  • He enjoys playing with his friends all the time.
  • You mostly seen him Smiling or Laughing.
  • He get easily angered sometimes.