Chevrolet Kurogane
Chevrolet Kurogane
Kanji シボレーくろがね
Romaji Kurogane Chevrolet
Alias Kuro (黒, Kuro)
Race Human
Age 17
Height 170 cm
Gender Male
Eyes Yellow Right
Red Left
Hair Green with a dye pink
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Seiyuu Kurogane Tsukoshiro


Kurogane is a lean, young man with short, messy black hair. He usually dyes his hair. He has two different colored eyes. His right eye is Yellow in color while her left eye is Color Green. He wears two hair clips in order to keep his hair in place. He always seen to have a smile on his face. He also wears a black jacket all the time with a polka dot design on the underneath of it.


Kurogane is not the type who is talkative but when the time comes when you got to be his best friend he will openly talk to you, like when he do with Saruwatari. Kurogane is depicted as a unlively, and a mature individual.


A high class detective invated by a top secret company nearby _____. Feel sudden maltreatment when he accidentally match Michiyo clashing teenager and also a tricker. Accompanied 8 years ago after a pandemonium event which makes her lonesome and fraudulent women abandoned by her parents since 8 years old at the ______.



  • Chevrolet mean Goat Milk in French.
  • He is the close and best friend of Michiyo.
  • He is a "Straight Forward" person.
  • He like sweet foods. Like Lollipop.